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Thread overview
101: Muscular men cuts (8)50: No Title (20)
37: Belly & Chest (11)17: Wrist Cuts (7)
13: Oekaki (5)11: Tagging (1)
6: No Title (37)2: Thigh Cuts (15)
1: No Title (1)

File: 64396729.jpg (581 KB, 2080x1544) [EXIF]
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File: 1607893238580.jpg (917 KB, 4128x2322) [EXIF]
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File: 2y.jpg (1106 KB, 1920x2560) [EXIF]
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Thanks guys you made me relapse last night, got so desperate I used a denim sewing needle and ripped the blades out of my shaving razor LOL have a nice day

File: 16179111614772113672118073381684.jpg (3524 KB, 4032x3024) [EXIF]
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Hi :^>
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Oh no, you don't need to stop. It is just unclear what do you mean by "taking requests" Would you cut yourself because someone asks?

If it arouses you, about coming on the cuts :)
how do you get around without people noticing?
.. all
have you niggers heard about clothes? not some starving tribesman or nudist u dumb fuck :^]
You still there?

File: muscular.png (1048 KB, 806x605) [EXIF]
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For strong men who cut themselves
Category: male, arm, muscle 3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
File: 1620161414938.png (1016 KB, 1024x576) [EXIF]
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Category: male, arm, muscle
File: 1620164257581.png (1246 KB, 819x614) [EXIF]
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Category: male, arm, muscle
lol catfoodisnice. weird seeing u there
you arent strong if ur a cutter strength is both physical and mental and you have adopted one of the most self destructive coping mechanisms which shows us you have very little mental strength
Not as destructive as steroid injections LOL
Bodybuilders are natural masochists anyway.

File: 42012805.jpg (92 KB, 500x357) [EXIF]
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the lighting on the first picture makes me feel weird
File: 1617596595565.jpg (391 KB, 1836x3264) [EXIF]
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File: 1608679221489.jpg (141 KB, 1200x1093) [EXIF]
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File: what_ICD_does_to_a_mfer.jpg (3938 KB, 3000x4000) [EXIF]
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Category: wrist
File: juicy.jpg (3312 KB, 3000x4000) [EXIF]
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the day after
Category: wrist

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File: 1353962376819740672_Eso9mpoVEAAlcIj.jpg (248 KB, 1462x2048) [EXIF]
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Anatomy lesson
Video of above ^
Another video observe how things work inside of the body
Another blood fountain
File: 1348964469569830917_Erh8B-KVQAAAnpL.jpg (215 KB, 1239x1771) [EXIF]
215 KB
And a bloodbath from that

File: 1607109725434.jpg (99 KB, 957x538) [EXIF]
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File: EiKuIDaXYAQSg1F.jpg (373 KB, 1538x2048) [EXIF]
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File: EiKuIDYXgAE9IiE.jpg (390 KB, 1538x2048) [EXIF]
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File: 1617562101118.jpg (78 KB, 491x750) [EXIF]
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Definitely my favorite thread on the internet! :) Beautiful lovely bodies. Thanks girls
File: 1522185833381.jpg (294 KB, 1058x1623) [EXIF]
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File: 1609619813573.jpg (399 KB, 500x670) [EXIF]
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File: 75858041.jpg (20 KB, 300x400) [EXIF]
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File: Eqk4i-5W8AA4Y9x.jpg (405 KB, 1536x2048) [EXIF]
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File: 1607892292325.png (421 KB, 960x539) [EXIF]
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is this loss

50 KB
File name had me laughing out loud. Words followed by action. Good one

Here too, we should decide what tags we are going to use

So far, 2 tags has been used:

So, what are your suggestions? We need to discuss about this now for consistency later.

I suggest adding these tags for now
-suicide (if it has been done in purpose of suicide)

What do you think?
moving this thread to >>>/bm/

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