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File: 16179111614772113672118073381684.jpg (3524 KB, 4032x3024) [EXIF]
3524 KB
Hi :^>
File: nomore.jpg (39 KB, 620x465) [EXIF]
39 KB
File: 16180420394498308201424047238239.jpg (3226 KB, 4032x3024) [EXIF]
3226 KB
Hi sorry i cut yesterday but forgot to send here!
File: 16180421181664462025669727591248.jpg (3387 KB, 4032x3024) [EXIF]
3387 KB
so skinny :^>
These are very nice cuts! Are they really yours? Can you write bloodymess.net on a paper and send your arm on it if you don't mind?
oh, I just realized the message on OP pic. Then again, hi!
I will write on a paper later tnight, already cut "HI /c/" >w< thought that would be enough evidence
...before i forget
Oh, so that's what it says. It is just upside down.
I would love to see your other pictures.
the op cut "/c/" is a bit difficult to see
Glad to see some dedication.
If it's not too much to ask, I would like to request sexy pics with fine clean cuts please. :) Stay safe
Category: Kodn
Maybe asking someone to cut themselves just for pictures is a bit too much. Unless the op really likes the pain and does it for fun or otherwise in the mood for that.
Maybe I can ask for some safer less damaging options like some needles, pins, or maybe just pictures without cuts?
File: 20210412_140859.jpg (3499 KB, 4032x3024) [EXIF]
3499 KB
File: 20210412_140904.jpg (3148 KB, 4032x3024) [EXIF]
3148 KB
to the guy who said doesn't want me to hurt myself, it's not like i gonna stop cutting if I don't get requests
.. this shit arouses me
Do you get aroused by blood, scars or pain?
Oh no, you don't need to stop. It is just unclear what do you mean by "taking requests" Would you cut yourself because someone asks?

If it arouses you, about coming on the cuts :)
how do you get around without people noticing?
.. all
have you niggers heard about clothes? not some starving tribesman or nudist u dumb fuck :^]
You still there?

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