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Thread overview
203: Suicide Failure (3)182: NSFL Lost Media (3)
178: Cannibalism? (2)170: North Korea (5)
143: Hobo Death (0)114: Manips? (18)
82: Animalz (36)54: Grotesque/Gory Album Covers (7)
53: Puke (0)52: Lost Snuff [Hard-To-Find] (3)
49: Necrolord Set (19)46: No Title (2)
44: Gory Films (12)41: cardiac gore (3)
38: Beheadings (0)37: Corpses on Beds (1)
36: Abstract/Weird (6)22: Genital removal (22)
8: No Title (31)1: No Title (13)

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>> 75 KB
Look at that greasy pig. I'd say she's ready to be baked
>> 70 KB
File: malesia (2).jpg (19 KB, 360x130) [EXIF]
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does anyone have a better quality version of this image? it's from that 2016 case in thailand.
File: 19.jpg (96 KB, 800x600) [EXIF]
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File: 1582984574679.jpg (53 KB, 458x350) [EXIF]
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No. It's encouraged, but never obligated to fill that part, so don't worry about it.
Video Encoding is coming soon. A dedicated video thread will be started then.

File: download (1).jpg (7 KB, 276x182) [EXIF]
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And real cannibalism or human butchering?
Surely there's some out there??

File: 1569507309003.jpg (41 KB, 580x726) [EXIF]
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File: 1606676425934.jpg (43 KB, 580x771) [EXIF]
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File: 1610892598765.jpg (38 KB, 580x727) [EXIF]
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File: Deliciousmeat.jpg (14 KB, 400x299) [EXIF]
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>Tfw will never have the full tapes
huh? there are more?
File: f0047394.jpg (77 KB, 456x597) [EXIF]
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File: piss gang.jpg (82 KB, 1140x712) [EXIF]
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post animals dying/already dead
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I used to drown squirrels. Should've filmed some back in the day since this thread is really lacking content
File: 236463.jpg (33 KB, 256x267) [EXIF]
33 KB
File: cat_1.gif (3680 KB, 400x304) [EXIF]
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I'll add a couple.
File: HotDog.gif (1793 KB, 170x130) [EXIF]
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Any similar sites for this?

File: brudos.jpg (18 KB, 250x275) [EXIF]
18 KB
So, this thread is dedicated to discussing lost media that depicts gory deaths or injuries (i.e. Armin Meiwes tape). If you are in possession of real photos or footage of deaths that are very hard to find, please share and discuss.
What is OP pic about? Is it related?

Ehhh, kinda. He's a serial killer from Oregon, Jerry Brudos. I believe the crime scene photographs are explicitly graphic and indeed lost or hard to find.
File: 234634.jpg (62 KB, 1024x768) [EXIF]
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File: 79740294_p0.jpg (7800 KB, 5120x3412) [EXIF]
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Do photo manias fit here?
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File: Kirsten.jpg (952 KB, 1301x1950) [EXIF]
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File: 84545.gif (597 KB, 800x578) [EXIF][Animated GIF]
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File: 2039819959.gif (7925 KB, 721x498) [EXIF][Animated GIF]
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File: tumblr_onaci7WvvW1tituj9o1_1280.gif (2034 KB, 640x480) [EXIF][Animated GIF]
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File: 634763464.gif (382 KB, 250x188) [EXIF]
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58 KB
Let's get a genial removal thread going. Cocks, pussies, tits, anything is welcome to get lopped off.
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File: 1298817373_1.jpg (54 KB, 718x431) [EXIF]
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File: 83343089_p3_master1200.png (261 KB, 440x330) [EXIF]
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File: 83343089_p0_master1200.png (264 KB, 440x330) [EXIF]
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i dont get why someone would only remove the face of a vagina, surely you'd want the whole revroductive system to keep as a rotting fleshlight
Also I dont want to be picky with my fetish but I cant get hard when these vaginas probably belonged to days old bloated corpses judging from the coloration. Do we have pics of the bodies these belonged to at least?

File: 181848_07.jpg (26 KB, 328x600) [EXIF]
26 KB
Anyone got the ADULT ONLY necrolord archive? They'd be a saint to post here ;3
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Well you're 'gettin strawberry
I went through so many rabbit holes
I feel sick. this necro stuff is fine
Im going to sleep, even worse then the necrolord baby stuff. I feel bad
Necrophilia doesn't hurt anybody.

Im not any close to anything that matters really
other stuff just shocked me

here are some more images

I doubt its an archive
I also found some more, that was just the only gallery type thing

fun night. im out

File: pcamp.jpg (53 KB, 632x382) [EXIF]
53 KB
Do you think there are any videos, pictures, etc inside north korean prison camps? I bet some good gore there
It would be great to see some gore from my favourite country, unfortunately I don't have any :^(
Considering that all the news about people in North Korea being executed by blowing up them with nuclear bombs is fake and executed people are usually found very much alive later there will be not that much gore.

As I know south kore also recently disbanded their propaganda agency which was pumping out all that stuff about North Korea
The main way stories about North Korea came to the west is through accounts of survivors. The story about execution by nuclear bombs is fucking awesome but I doubt anyone was actually claiming that North Korea was doing that.
LOL I exaggerated a bit but not too much


Those North Koreans must be immortal LOL
File: camp22.webm (2531 KB) [EXIF]

File: 2.jpg (890 KB, 3040x2288) [EXIF]
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Previous one got deleted because it didn't have a subject.
Category: bed
File: bed suicide.jpg (8 KB, 287x198) [EXIF]
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File: 77834745.jpg (137 KB, 536x480) [EXIF]
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A thread for narly album covers
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>> 1060 KB
Dawn Of The Black Hearts
Didnt mean to sage lol
File: GarciaxVega album cover.jpg (158 KB, 1200x1200) [EXIF]
158 KB
File: 26347346.png (669 KB, 539x533) [EXIF]
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File: mi.jpg (273 KB, 1351x761) [EXIF]
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File: 23573.webm (3265 KB) [EXIF]
A thread for bum murder/torture

File: tumblr_o0i2uy4XtC1v25ogvo1_500.gif (1854 KB, 480x360) [EXIF][Animated GIF]
1854 KB
This thread's focus is on hearts. Post your exposed, (preferably) beating hearts in here!
Category: hearts, heart gore, exposed hearts, beating hearts
File: tumblr_o0i0zk5kKP1v25ogvo1_500.gif (2019 KB, 480x384) [EXIF][Animated GIF]
2019 KB
File: tumblr_o0onzqemFz1v25ogvo1_400.gif (1991 KB, 320x179) [EXIF][Animated GIF]
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>> 78 KB
Where can find original video of this picture?

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