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File: 1.jpg (21 KB, 400x300) [EXIF]
21 KB
http://trebzwp2nyrsq6urxkeif7iz5vpf3ppnlzvy6xdxwomgebx2vpczzsqd.onion/survey-twenty - Gore Video Links
Looks like a fake onion link to me. But on the off chance you're not bullshitting us with a honeypot and you're still here, post some videos you found on that site
How the fuck does it look fake retard? Also, I did not find videos there. I uploaded videos to that site then made a txt post with all the links.
thank you for posting this
i love her

File: snapshot.jpg (34 KB, 512x512) [EXIF]
34 KB
There's literal child porn and trading in the necrolord thread and no way of reporting
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>posting real dead people is immoral
How? I'm pretty sure dead people don't care that they're getting discussed on this off shoot imageboard. Do you think forensics specialists or morgue workers messing with dead bodies is immoral? Death is beautiful, and you're a sad fucker that'll probably cry and shit your pants at the face of death.
>Fuck off, i'm a regular on Gurochan
stay there, then. no one asked you to come here
Retarded argument, "forensic workers exist therefore It's totally okay for me to cum on pics of defunct", my main grip like the other guy pointed out is the Necrolord thread where people are actively seeking to trade CP material and the mods being indolent enough to allow it. If you don't give a shit about morality, maybe at least give a shit about the fact that letting this shit go rampant is the best way to ensure gurochan get knocked offline again
File: butthurt.webm (3898 KB) [EXIF]

you should settle down, you might give yourself a heart attack. even this guy is less butthurt than you are
File: 255848.png (49 KB, 500x504) [EXIF]
49 KB

File: ouch.jpg (130 KB, 1200x849) [EXIF]
130 KB
File: x_0c750b7e.jpg (76 KB, 604x409) [EXIF]
76 KB
File: drug_dealer2.jpg (205 KB, 640x480) [EXIF]
205 KB
>> 218 KB
>> 34 KB
File: skullfucked by an f 18.jpg (758 KB, 2592x1944) [EXIF]
758 KB

File: 34764.gif (6899 KB, 192x266) [EXIF]
6899 KB
Time for a vomit thread. Post women puking their guts out
Category: puke, vomit, throw-up, barf
File: 3UdwVPe.jpg (90 KB, 648x1019) [EXIF]
90 KB

File: JPEG image-439A1DC95359-1.jpg (96 KB, 800x563) [EXIF]
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File: Sat3.jpg (25 KB, 384x266) [EXIF]
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File: Train 14.jpg (242 KB, 1179x1725) [EXIF]
242 KB
File: Wnd 140.jpg (67 KB, 836x519) [EXIF]
67 KB
File: EuPiP.jpg (196 KB, 1118x840) [EXIF]
196 KB
File: 1-2-FOROGOREHELLSING1024x768-1.jpg (159 KB, 1024x725) [EXIF]
159 KB

File: 1459700125064.mp4 (2986 KB) [EXIF]
I am in search for rich windowed email client without requirement of mouse.
I dont want to click send button and stuff everytime.

File: DogAbuse.mp4 (5106 KB) [EXIF]
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File: snake_water_balloon.webm (1381 KB) [EXIF]
File: 1619889171393.webm (3470 KB) [EXIF]
That's what's cute!
That's what's cute!
File: 2390567903.png (657 KB, 634x545) [EXIF]
657 KB

File: sword torture.webm (3003 KB) [EXIF]
File: beat and burnt.webm (2945 KB) [EXIF]
File: femoid_tortured.webm (2809 KB) [EXIF]

File: 4.jpg (235 KB, 540x720) [EXIF]
235 KB
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File: 60073ce4b60c1.jpg (236 KB, 580x1032) [EXIF]
236 KB
File: 06020a59.jpg (295 KB, 640x1904) [EXIF]
295 KB
File: 5fdd5da6b0e26.jpg (254 KB, 3008x2008) [EXIF]
254 KB
another angle
File: 5ed194e1f1d3f.png (174 KB, 280x410) [EXIF]
174 KB
Is this what happens when you spell anime wrong?

File: 1569507309003.jpg (41 KB, 580x726) [EXIF]
41 KB
File: 1606676425934.jpg (43 KB, 580x771) [EXIF]
43 KB
File: 1610892598765.jpg (38 KB, 580x727) [EXIF]
38 KB
File: 6.jpg (62 KB, 853x640) [EXIF]
62 KB
>> 66 KB

File: LwfAsc.jpg (463 KB, 2048x1536) [EXIF]
463 KB
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File: A110922_VSE_012A.jpg (475 KB, 859x676) [EXIF]
475 KB
File: 1518309383161968114.jpg (97 KB, 700x525) [EXIF]
97 KB
File: 1427011192_j5ftafo.jpg (95 KB, 800x565) [EXIF]
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File: slide_25.jpg (94 KB, 960x720) [EXIF]
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File: 1565919330157.jpg (250 KB, 1600x1060) [EXIF]
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I went looking for this video thinking it was a woman, oh well

File: 1-thumb.jpg (29 KB, 490x370) [EXIF]
29 KB

what a cutie
File: qaFa.png (578 KB, 796x428) [EXIF]
578 KB
In an utopia, this is how I imagine head-only mannequins would look like

File: 1582984574679.jpg (53 KB, 458x350) [EXIF]
53 KB
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Video Encoding is coming soon. A dedicated video thread will be started then.

File: 2.jpg (890 KB, 3040x2288) [EXIF]
890 KB
Previous one got deleted because it didn't have a subject.
Category: bed
File: bed suicide.jpg (8 KB, 287x198) [EXIF]
8 KB
File: 3aa33c85.jpg (303 KB, 550x2429) [EXIF]
303 KB
File: 7bf59377.jpg (128 KB, 550x1340) [EXIF]
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File: 6052a1972984f.jpg (52 KB, 314x469) [EXIF]
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File: 06020a59.jpg (295 KB, 640x1904) [EXIF]
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