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File: ono.mp4 (1554 KB) [EXIF]
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How are you, today?
Category: Urie
>> 3669 KB
So they say we all suffer and die.
I shouldn't care about myself because this happens anyway, they said, even as they say I should care about myself.
edgy, but also look where we are

File: piss gang.jpg (82 KB, 1140x712) [EXIF]
82 KB
post animals dying/already dead
Category: animal 47 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Speaking of! There is also a dedicated video in which this person puts mice babies into a cup containing a flammable fluid and lights it in front of another mouse (presumably the mother). If anyone has that I'd be grateful if you'd share it.
File: IMG5480A.cleaned.jpg (95 KB, 1600x1200) [EXIF]
95 KB
I'll be posting some OC
File: IMG5484A.cleaned.jpg (146 KB, 1600x1200) [EXIF]
146 KB
File: IMG5483A.cleaned.jpg (115 KB, 1600x1200) [EXIF]
115 KB
File: IMG5482A.cleaned.jpg (138 KB, 1279x1200) [EXIF]
138 KB
The motherfucker bit me.

File: ADeadLittleGirl.jpg (51 KB, 500x587) [EXIF]
51 KB
I'm not okay with any of this..
I know there are those who hate me for knowing and sharing. And those who hate me for wanting something better than what I know this world is made of.

File: 181848_07.jpg (26 KB, 328x600) [EXIF]
26 KB
Anyone got the ADULT ONLY necrolord archive? They'd be a saint to post here ;3
50 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
wow, i thought necrolord posted only mature womans, anyone has more of it that is not the regular stuff on cutedeadguys or another gore sites?
It's probably lost
Also don't post illegal content (or at least better censor them) here on this clearnet site
I dint think that Necrolord used childs, i remember only few images of a 14y old girl but nothing that extreme.
Someone has more of him whether it is censored or not?
With mature woman at least there is a lot of material that was lost
dunno if ppl is willing to post it
anyone has more?

File: 236364.png (678 KB, 722x479) [EXIF]
678 KB
A thread for torrents and recommendations of gory exploitation/mondo films. If you download a movie, please remember to think of others and seed.
10 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
are you thinking of snuff 102?
No I think it was snuff 001
File: 365364565.jpg (158 KB, 352x480) [EXIF]
158 KB
File: 34764634.png (309 KB, 553x307) [EXIF]
309 KB
File: tdof.mp4 (5566 KB) [EXIF]

File: 02379073.gif (1852 KB, 350x170) [EXIF]
1852 KB
This thread is for snuff videos that are seemingly lost/haven't been in circulation for a long time. .gif related is from the Richard Davis tapes that were lost until a foreign gore site put a few seconds of the murder in a snuff compilation.
6 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
thank you for this
very nice, thx.>>588
its real?
>>60who knows. One can only wish...

File: The-Collective.jpg (103 KB, 986x476) [EXIF]
103 KB
Looking for SLC and AA - if anyone got links, it would be really great
What is SLC and AA?
look at the OP image
Omg I m dense

File: DSC_8251.jpg (240 KB, 1600x1062) [EXIF]
240 KB
ITT: dead children, but only with legitimate medical procedures being performed, no sick stuff
67 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
File: HerDadMurderedHer.jpg (60 KB, 720x960) [EXIF]
60 KB
File: HangedByHerDad.jpg (66 KB, 720x960) [EXIF]
66 KB
Are there any archives of r/picsofdeadkids?
loli feet
File: her father killed her.jpg (42 KB, 600x800) [EXIF]
42 KB
>>a higher quality img with no watermark or whatever>>570

4 KB
gradually, no more head


File: 4Z6DNkX.jpg (74 KB, 960x720) [EXIF]
74 KB
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File: Vražda-Dobře odvedená práce.jpg (58 KB, 640x480) [EXIF]
58 KB
File: VictimCannibal5.jpg (74 KB, 960x720) [EXIF]
74 KB
File: ZylH7cg.jpg (74 KB, 639x480) [EXIF]
74 KB
File: ce7439a3.jpg (244 KB, 700x1934) [EXIF]
244 KB
File: 1628828929404.jpg (793 KB, 1014x1165) [EXIF]
793 KB

File: 3-Dead-Car-Crash2-Unknown.jpg (93 KB, 1242x604) [EXIF]
93 KB
Images of accidental demise, violent and sudden
37 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
File: Rn Bfts999 4815.jpg (25 KB, 496x299) [EXIF]
25 KB
File: Rn Bfts999 6571.jpg (121 KB, 796x592) [EXIF]
121 KB
>> 59 KB
File: Wnd 168.jpg (113 KB, 896x672) [EXIF]
113 KB
File: Youfail.jpg (114 KB, 1033x936) [EXIF]
114 KB

File: glup.jpg (44 KB, 533x400) [EXIF]
44 KB
Green corpses. Post pictures of dead bodies with greenish discoloration from putrefaction or livor mortis.
キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!

File: belly.jpg (132 KB, 1441x809) [EXIF]
132 KB
Just want to make a thread about people who love sharing anything related to woman belly/stomach stab.

File: 77834745.jpg (137 KB, 536x480) [EXIF]
137 KB
A thread for narly album covers
4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
File: GarciaxVega album cover.jpg (158 KB, 1200x1200) [EXIF]
158 KB
File: 26347346.png (669 KB, 539x533) [EXIF]
669 KB
File: mi.jpg (273 KB, 1351x761) [EXIF]
273 KB
File: pissgrave.jpg (158 KB, 600x600) [EXIF]
158 KB
Pissgrave - Posthumous Humiliation
Noisy/raw death metal
File: deathpile.png (719 KB, 770x941) [EXIF]
719 KB
The most hateful power electronics.

File: 3464664.jpg (104 KB, 740x1219) [EXIF]
104 KB
When you don't take a wee and a nice dump before suicide

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