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How are you, today?

I want a better plac 0
I'm not okay with any of this..
I know there are those who hate me for knowing and sharing. And those who hate me for wanting something better than what I know this world is made of.

in search of SLC an 3
Looking for SLC and AA - if anyone got links, it would be really great

No Title 0
gradually, no more head


Green corpses. Post pictures of dead bodies with greenish discoloration from putrefaction or livor mortis.

Woman Stomach Stab T 0
Just want to make a thread about people who love sharing anything related to woman belly/stomach stab.

Lost control of bodi 0
When you don't take a wee and a nice dump before suicide

Gore links 3
http://trebzwp2nyrsq6urxkeif7iz5vpf3ppnlzvy6xdxwomgebx2vpczzsqd.onion/survey-twenty - Gore Video Links

Dead kids 72
ITT: dead children, but only with legitimate medical procedures being performed, no sick stuff

Your favorite email 0
I am in search for rich windowed email client without requirement of mouse.
I dont want to click send button and stuff everytime.

How the fuck do you AS  11
There's literal child porn and trading in the necrolord thread and no way of reporting

Accidental Death 42
Images of accidental demise, violent and sudden

Animal abuse 11

Dismembered Limbs 11

Public torture/murde 2

Objects through the 5

Fucked up Legs/Feet 12

No Title 0
I went looking for this video thinking it was a woman, oh well

No Title 1

what a cutie

Suicide Failure 4

NSFL Lost Media 3
So, this thread is dedicated to discussing lost media that depicts gory deaths or injuries (i.e. Armin Meiwes tape). If you are in possession of real photos or footage of deaths that are very hard to find, please share and discuss.

Cannibalism? 2
And real cannibalism or human butchering?

North Korea 5
Do you think there are any videos, pictures, etc inside north korean prison camps? I bet some good gore there

Hobo Death 0
A thread for bum murder/torture

Manips? 18
Do photo manias fit here?

Animalz 52
post animals dying/already dead

Grotesque/Gory Album 9
A thread for narly album covers

Puke 1
Time for a vomit thread. Post women puking their guts out

Lost Snuff [Hard-To- 11
This thread is for snuff videos that are seemingly lost/haven't been in circulation for a long time. .gif related is from the Richard Davis tapes that were lost until a foreign gore site put a few seconds of the murder in a snuff compilation.

Necrolord Set 55
Anyone got the ADULT ONLY necrolord archive? They'd be a saint to post here ;3

No Title 2
This beauty was posted on Heyuri back when it webm support.

Gory Films 15
A thread for torrents and recommendations of gory exploitation/mondo films. If you download a movie, please remember to think of others and seed.
[EXIF][Animated GIF]

cardiac gore 3
This thread's focus is on hearts. Post your exposed, (preferably) beating hearts in here!

Beheadings 67

Corpses on Beds 5
Previous one got deleted because it didn't have a subject.

Abstract/Weird 6

Genital removal 22
Let's get a genial removal thread going. Cocks, pussies, tits, anything is welcome to get lopped off.

No Title 76

No Title 15

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